Our Services

No matter what your project is from clothing to accessories we are here to help

Our Services

Here at “FASHION INITATE” we bring your clothing label to reality . From a sketch to sales ready on the stand . All you have to do is start selling as we can take care of the manufacturing process for you. Even if your half way through the process or had failed attempts in the past and now are looking for reliable outsourcing company in Australia you have come to the right place.
Regardless of what stage your at now, when you start with us we don’t stop until your collection is on the stand ready for sales.
Ethically made clothing lines can be yours.

Design sketches and Illustrations

You don’t have to know everything to be a designer.
You can sit with us for a day and give us your ideas, pictures, and Inspirations and we will sketch out the collection for you.

Sample Development / Sample making

Initial Sample Service – Here we create an actual garment to show you what your idea looks like from your actual sketch. We understand that not all sketches turn out as the item you hoped for. So you get the benefit of changing your design, adjusting, or even deciding whether you want to drop the item from the collection in a real-time face-to-face environment. This saves you a lot of time and money

Fit Samples Services – once you are happy with the initial sample you can decide to proceed with the fit samples we can arrange this too.

Photo Samples Services – Here we do the full sample collection in the selected fabrics. Right pictures attract more customers and we therefore believe that the photo samples are very important and should exactly represent the item that will be on hangers for sale.

Fabric Sourcing

Our capabilities are limited in this area in Australia, due to the fact that the starting up designers has the struggle of meeting the fabric minimum requirements . If the fabrics you chose is basic range we can source the fabric. And for custom made printed fabric the minimums are sometimes 200mts onwards but this will need to be assessed individually.

Bulk manufacturing / Small runs

No order is big or small , we handle emerging designers with pride as once every big label started small. Whether you source your fabrics and trims through us or do it yourself, we can still do the manufacturing for you if you choose. All garments are made ethically and in a sustainable manner. Our factories are mainly in South east Asia and made in all accredited factories where the big brand names are made. We do not work with China as there is no way we can guarantee the quality.

Trims / Hardware sourcing

Enhance your fashion creations with our premium sourcing services for trimmings and supplies. At Fashion Initiate, we understand that the smallest details can make the biggest impact. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality trimmings and supplies to elevate your designs to new heights.

From buttons, zippers, and threads to ribbons, lace, and embellishments, we have an extensive selection of carefully curated trims and supplies to suit your unique style and aesthetic. Our team works closely with trusted suppliers and manufacturers to source the finest materials that meet our strict standards of quality and craftsmanship.


All we need is your artwork and we will assist you in developing the main labels, care labels, size labels, and the swing tags.

In our comprehensive labelling section, we go beyond just creating garments – we help you perfect every detail, including the essential elements of branding and care information. At Fashion Initiate, we understand the importance of care labels, main labels, and swing tags in conveying your brand identity and providing vital information to your customers.

Our expert team assists you in developing custom care labels that adhere to industry standards and regulations, ensuring that your garments are properly cared for by your customers. We guide you through the process of designing and producing main labels that proudly display your brand logo and name, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Screen Printing and Embroidery

All we need is your artwork and we will assist you in developing the main labels , care labels , size labels and the swing tags.

Production Prep

This is for the designers / business owners who have their own sourcing sorted out. But need the technical packs and details put together with samples.

These are only some of the services we at Fashion Initiative offer, you are free to choose all or just a few of the services we offer. If you have your own production samples and patterns already in place to have small runs into action please contact us.